Spring Session – BBB’s Mantra

As the winter session begins to wind down, it is time to begin thinking about the fresh start spring gives us. Cleaning out closets, fresh air, and evaluating old and potentially unhealthy habits. Why not do something for yourself?? TRY BURLESQUE!

Burlesque can be a positive experience, both mentally and physically! At Beehive Broads Burlesque, we strive for a body positive and creative experience. Even if you don’t want to perform on stage burlesque can be a personal journey that leads to self-acceptance and a better outlook on things (again both physically and mentally).

So give burlesque and Beehive Broads Burlesque a chance! Sign up for Beehive Basics 101: Beginner Burlesque -or- Beehive Basics 102:  Beginner Props TODAY!

Specific information for each class can be found in the “Classes” tab, along with the poster (feel free to share!). Thank you!

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