The 2018 Beehive Broads Burlesque Calendar


Do you love the Beehive Broads and being organized? We’ve got the perfect gift for you!

2018 Beehive Broads Burlesque Calendar features beautiful full color photographed classically stunning images of each member of the troupe for every month of the year.

Perfect for office spaces, bedrooms, artist spaces, and more! 
Makes a great gift for friends and family especially for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays! 
Keep your appointments and Birthdays organized in one place! 
Show your support for local burlesque artists in the Salt Lake City scene!

Pre-order available now!

$20 for your own glossy copy of the 2018 spread of the delicious Beehive Broads

$30 for a special 2018 calendar signed by all members of the troupe

Purchase here:

SOLD OUT! Beehive Basics 101: Beginner Burlesque

We are SOOOO thrilled and pleased to announce that the Summer Session class of Beehive Basics 101: Beginner Burlesque is officially SOLD OUT!

Don’t worry though! We will be offering small pop-up sessions, workshops, and shows to attend coming up very soon!! Stay tuned and keep an eye on the website and all of our social media for announcements.

Beehive Basics: Summer Session

As the Spring Session winds down, it means that registration has open for the upcoming Summer Session of the Beehive Basics classes! Curious what each of our classes are about? Pop on over to the “Classes” tab and read up! Summer Session begins the second week of July (to allow some vacation time for the holidays). Flyers for each class are below. REGISTER TODAY!

Beehive Basics Starting Soon!

Less than two weeks til the Spring Session of Beehive Basics 101: Beginner Burlesque and Beehive Basics 102: Props begin on 4/17/2017!

Hurry and register now before space is gone! If you are curious about the class and want to learn more, pop over to our “Classes” tab for a quick description of what each class is about!

Beehive Basics 101: Beginner Burlesque Registration:

Beehive Basics 102: Props Registration:

Spring Session – BBB’s Mantra

As the winter session begins to wind down, it is time to begin thinking about the fresh start spring gives us. Cleaning out closets, fresh air, and evaluating old and potentially unhealthy habits. Why not do something for yourself?? TRY BURLESQUE!

Burlesque can be a positive experience, both mentally and physically! At Beehive Broads Burlesque, we strive for a body positive and creative experience. Even if you don’t want to perform on stage burlesque can be a personal journey that leads to self-acceptance and a better outlook on things (again both physically and mentally).

So give burlesque and Beehive Broads Burlesque a chance! Sign up for Beehive Basics 101: Beginner Burlesque -or- Beehive Basics 102:  Beginner Props TODAY!

Specific information for each class can be found in the “Classes” tab, along with the poster (feel free to share!). Thank you!